Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Unconquered Sun

I come from a place everdark
A place I desperatly wanted to depart 
My soul shackled by hatred and madness
One day I broke free from the blackness

I am free to do as I please! Free to bask in freedom's calm breeze 

I dare to reach for the sun.
Dare to become number one
I dare to be a upstart
Dare to be a breed apart 

I will ascend to the cosmos
Make my place among the stars
From the shadows I rose
Victory will be ours! 

Feel the radiance of the Unconquered Sun 
I promise you, victory shall be won 
Bask in my glorious aura 
Savor victory's flora

Iron will enforced by fire
Fight for what you desire!

Become a supernova and outshine the sun
Show those around you that victory is won

Become the Unconquered Sun

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