Sunday, May 8, 2011


The giver of life, protector of young. You are the one that bore us.

I honor you this very day, you are the one who kept us away from the storms of life, til we could defend ourselves

You carried us along the path, until we could walk ourselves

You taught us all there is to life, lessons we use to survive.

We honor you for all time, our mother.

Til the time we die.  

I wish the mothers out there well on this day we pay respects to motherhood.

The woman that bore children and raised and nurtured them. The women who protected the child from harm and educated them in how to live their life

The matriarchs who taught their young the value of love and compassion.

The woman who would always be the tree that would shelter us from the rain.
I salute you, all the mothers out there and may blessings be with you

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