Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're in the way

To many times, people try to block you from your goals, llke a football goalie trying to prevent your team from scoring They give many reasons, so varied and so many. So many reasons to be sipping the haterade. You may want to rap and they say your rhymes are weak. You may want to box and they say your jaw is glass. You have your heart set on the princess, but they say she's in another castle. You may want to phone home, but they say the line is disconnected. To all the naysayers and the people with can't on their lips. You're in the way of one and their trip. Don't tell me I can't because I will try harder, the impossible is just another naysayer in my way. I will do the impossible and defeat all comers. I will save the princess and not be a plumber. I will climb Everest without legs and arms. I will break language barriers with my wit and charm. I will transition and still be a aspie. I will solve the mystery without Velma or Daphne. I am the one who will find the way. I am the one who will do what I set out to do. Your faith in my ability or lack of will not stop me from what I will do. Because you're in the way, and I'm telling you to step aside.