Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Indigo Sage: The Faltering Light

The Indigo Sage: The Faltering Light: "Everything's destroyed ".... Lux thought as zhe saw the devastation through hir visor. Zhe arrived too late to prevent the calamity that h...

The Faltering Light

"Everything's destroyed ".... Lux thought as zhe saw the devastation through hir visor. Zhe arrived too late to prevent the calamity that has bafallen this place. Lux climbed to the top of the wreckage that stood before the fallen city, looking for survivors.

"Ello?! Anyone still out there?"  Lux called as zhe desperately tried to find survivors of the disaster.  Never has Lux failed to save those in need, ever since taking up the mantle of the Star Savior. It was a duty Lux Magnus accepted with great enthusiasm. This failure didn't sit well with the savior. 

"Help us....." called a voice deep beneath the rubble, a voice that seemed weak and getting weaker.  Lux reacted quickly and called on the power of hir namesakee, and started to toss the wreckage aside with ease. "I will not fail you again! " Lux swore to hirself as the power of the Star Savior coursed through zhe being, easily dispatching the rubble that entombed the survivors

As the last rock was lifted, Lux was delightfully surprised as zhe was greeted with the embrace and thanks of the survivors. This overwhelming act of thanks and affection brought the savior to tears, finding out that the people are not angry at hir to not getting here soon enough. They were much too busy being greatful for being protected and saved by the protector they love with all their hearts.

"But I failed yo"......Lux begin to say before zhe was interrupted by a small child with a angry face. "We are angry for one reason, Master Lux", the child stated in a matter of fact matter. The child paused and continued, "You dare think we'd hate you. You try and that is enough, and you did not cause this."

 Lux asked with a puzzled look on hir face "Then who did? The small child simply pointed to the sky. "I don't understa" Lux started to say before zhe cut zheself off. Then Zhe noticed that the night sky was as black as the deepest darkness, completely void of stars. Something catches hir eye and she then noticed a flickering black flame just dying out.

"I know who did this" Says Lux as zhe burst into brilliant light and darts into the darkness.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's time to be a hero.

I feel deep within my heart.
A fury that sets me apart.
From the races of man.
That I cannot understand.

Why does hatred rule the day?
Where did we all go astray?
Where is the love within our hearts,
That sets us apart from those who harm?

It's time to take a stand.
And do something grand.

It's time to be a hero.

You don't need strength to keep fighting.
You don't need flight to keep rising.
You only need to stand for what's right.
The spark of justice will ignite!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dash Dash!!

Chasing the dream, running from the past. We are always on the move,
Keep those feet moving, keep going fast. Adventure is our fuel.
Baby burn that road, never move it slow. Time stands still for no one.
Live for the jaunt, you just have to know. The reason why we stay on the run.

Dash Dash!! We have to keep moving on.
Dash Dash!! The past is dead and gone.
Dash Dash!! Second chances are far and few
Dash Dash!! Keep those feet moving and your heart true

Keep yourself in motion, life is a race. Go after that finish line
Effrot is awarded, there's no last place. This is your time to shine.

Dash Dash!! Let's burn up the road.
Dash Dash!! Chase after that goal
Dash Dash!! Move ahead of the pack
Dash Dash!! Never look back 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sage's Road

I'm on a journey to seek the true self. The wise one with knowledge to sprare. I see the sage in my heart. The wise one within myself. I walk along the road of life, nursing scraps and bumps along the way. The despairs of life weigh heavy on my soul and the countless mistakes birth many regrets. I walk weary on the road called life and little by little I began to see more.

This long walk called life was once the Sage's road. The path I follow is the same as she, who is rich with the knowledge of life. My pain and suffering was once her's, and her solutions are similar to mine. The tests of life begin to change me, becoming more like the sage I seek. I become more skilled at seeking the sage, seeing the path that she as followed.

My footsteps more like hers, my eyes gain her focus. I walk the sage's road and little do I know. By walking the sage's road I became her. 

Legendary Ocean

The vast seas of the world holds many secrets. These waters everblue have been the battleground for many a war. Much blood has been spilled in this place, that cares not for who sails it's waters. Many warriors of the ocean sought to claim Posiden's blood as their own. They wished to claim the sea's bounty and keep it for themselves.  The legendary ocean cannot be claimed. It has been before man traveled the deep blue and it shall be after humanity takes it's last breath.

This Legendary Ocean, with it's seas of deep blue. It will outlast all who wish to claim it, the poor fools. Posiden's blood will continue to flow, from the beginning until the end. The crib will be the graveyard


Many things I've seen in this short life, many unbeleivable. I saw the end of lives, and the birth of true evils. I forsaw the rise of empires and the end of fallen kingdoms. I saw the end of the world many times, and bared witness to it's rebirth just as much. I will bare witness to the changing tides and humanities ebbs and flows. I will witness humanity's countless crimes and the numerous acts of love shown

I will bare witness to human life and the events within it. I will see many sunrises and bare witnesses to many nightfalls. I will see many heroes born and bare witness to many devil's creation. These eyes will see it all and these lips will tell of it totally. These hands will build the future and dig for the past. These feet will walk me though the haze of the future and the mists of the past.

I will bare witness to the many events of the past. I will be living history, a flesh and blood chronicle. I'm the storyteller, a embodiment of history, key to the door of mystery.