Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Faltering Light

"Everything's destroyed ".... Lux thought as zhe saw the devastation through hir visor. Zhe arrived too late to prevent the calamity that has bafallen this place. Lux climbed to the top of the wreckage that stood before the fallen city, looking for survivors.

"Ello?! Anyone still out there?"  Lux called as zhe desperately tried to find survivors of the disaster.  Never has Lux failed to save those in need, ever since taking up the mantle of the Star Savior. It was a duty Lux Magnus accepted with great enthusiasm. This failure didn't sit well with the savior. 

"Help us....." called a voice deep beneath the rubble, a voice that seemed weak and getting weaker.  Lux reacted quickly and called on the power of hir namesakee, and started to toss the wreckage aside with ease. "I will not fail you again! " Lux swore to hirself as the power of the Star Savior coursed through zhe being, easily dispatching the rubble that entombed the survivors

As the last rock was lifted, Lux was delightfully surprised as zhe was greeted with the embrace and thanks of the survivors. This overwhelming act of thanks and affection brought the savior to tears, finding out that the people are not angry at hir to not getting here soon enough. They were much too busy being greatful for being protected and saved by the protector they love with all their hearts.

"But I failed yo"......Lux begin to say before zhe was interrupted by a small child with a angry face. "We are angry for one reason, Master Lux", the child stated in a matter of fact matter. The child paused and continued, "You dare think we'd hate you. You try and that is enough, and you did not cause this."

 Lux asked with a puzzled look on hir face "Then who did? The small child simply pointed to the sky. "I don't understa" Lux started to say before zhe cut zheself off. Then Zhe noticed that the night sky was as black as the deepest darkness, completely void of stars. Something catches hir eye and she then noticed a flickering black flame just dying out.

"I know who did this" Says Lux as zhe burst into brilliant light and darts into the darkness.

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