Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dash Dash!!

Chasing the dream, running from the past. We are always on the move,
Keep those feet moving, keep going fast. Adventure is our fuel.
Baby burn that road, never move it slow. Time stands still for no one.
Live for the jaunt, you just have to know. The reason why we stay on the run.

Dash Dash!! We have to keep moving on.
Dash Dash!! The past is dead and gone.
Dash Dash!! Second chances are far and few
Dash Dash!! Keep those feet moving and your heart true

Keep yourself in motion, life is a race. Go after that finish line
Effrot is awarded, there's no last place. This is your time to shine.

Dash Dash!! Let's burn up the road.
Dash Dash!! Chase after that goal
Dash Dash!! Move ahead of the pack
Dash Dash!! Never look back 

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