Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our sister

A innocent life cut down before it's prime. A sister was taken from us by the blight of crime. 

Her smile has faded forevermore, for her existence was what the evildoers abhorred. 

She made mistakes because she was only human, how can that justify her demise and her ruin.  

How can someone justify her death? How can those evildoers live without regret? How can they justify murder, how can they live with that burden?  

Our sister did not deserve to die in fear. Her family shouldn't have been left in tears.

We will remember our sister, we will remember who did this to her.

Her name was Tyra Trent. Our sister we will never forget

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eyes of a Outsider

What I see, you cannot comprehend, my vision is tuned by a different lens. My eyes are that of a outsider, I cannot defy the call of my nature.  My vision is tuned by a different lens, my world begins where your world ends.

I spend my life being the pariah, watching people from afar. To be accepted is my desire, not peeking through the door ajar.

My eyes are that of a outsider, my gaze pierces you. Your eyes are that of a native, you can only see those like you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Will of The Dominus

This poem is dedicated to my late Grandfather.

His departure from the world was unexpected, The Dominus's presense will surely be missed. He kept us in line, with both fear and respect. The Dominus's will we will never forget.

We stood in awe of The Dominus's will, following his decree whatever it may be. Who will walk the path of our Dominus? Who will command that respect? Who will bring us order? Who is mighty enough to replace the former?

He was strict and demanding, but always understanding. His rage was implacable, his compassion infallible, his strength was admirable and his love was unstoppable.  Who will replace that pilliar of order? Who will replace our guardian beast? Who will replace our great protector? How do we recover from The Dominus's defeat?

He was taken for granted, now without his will we are stranded. we are Lost, damned, cursed and destroyed. Without The Dominus, all hope is devoid.

We stare at the empty throne. The seat of someone who ruled here before. To revere the one from our past, the mantle of The Dominus must be recast.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lightbringer

She looks over mountians and under the hills, the Lightbringer extends her endless good will. The fight for justice is never ending, but the Lightbringer's advent is ever impending. The forces of evil may be great, but the good fight the Lightbringer must dictate.

The Devil In Plain Sight

This person before me isn't all that he seems to be, everyone follows this dark king's decree.

The false saint before our eyes will bring about our demise, a wicked plot the adversary devised

He promises a age of salvation but will only lead us to annihilation. The canvas of his soul stained by morbid ink.

The Liar, The Acuser, The Divider, The Abuser. This messiah is a decoy, he's here only to destroy. I see The Devil In Plain Sight, why am I the only one who can see this blight?

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

A flip of the coin, a gamble to behold, fortune favors only the bold. The Fortune Lord's house always wins

Turning risk into profit fattens the Fortune Lord's pockets. The longshot and the underlay keeps the Fortune Lord away, for Fortune only sample victory's buffet.

The Fortune Lord always watches for the big score, the one that promises riches galore. The Fortune Lord knows this quest will never end, but worries not.

For The Fortune Lord's house always wins


My soul aches in injustice's wake. My heart broken, my mind crushed and my bones shattered. All traces of what I used to be is tattered. Only hatred and vengence remains in this shell battered.

The Dark Mystic is the Black Phenonix reborn of the flames of destruction, embracing vengence's seduction.

All love is lost, all kindness is lost, for the Avenger is willing to pay any cost. Consumed by the lust of Indignation, The Dark Mystic faces damnation

The Indigo Sage is consumed by the black flame, now a shell of vengeance is alll that remains.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Closet Is Death

My life was full of hesitation, ever since that fateful revelation. My existence was rife with misery and sorrow, the truth of my sexuality was hard to swallow. 

My fate was seemingly sealed, as I preferred the peace of the grave over living my life concealed. The fear of losing friend and family kept me in chains while this facade of my life remains.

Every night I awaited the embrace of death, only awakening to the irongrip of disrespect. Over time I learned that The Closet Is Death