Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Will of The Dominus

This poem is dedicated to my late Grandfather.

His departure from the world was unexpected, The Dominus's presense will surely be missed. He kept us in line, with both fear and respect. The Dominus's will we will never forget.

We stood in awe of The Dominus's will, following his decree whatever it may be. Who will walk the path of our Dominus? Who will command that respect? Who will bring us order? Who is mighty enough to replace the former?

He was strict and demanding, but always understanding. His rage was implacable, his compassion infallible, his strength was admirable and his love was unstoppable.  Who will replace that pilliar of order? Who will replace our guardian beast? Who will replace our great protector? How do we recover from The Dominus's defeat?

He was taken for granted, now without his will we are stranded. we are Lost, damned, cursed and destroyed. Without The Dominus, all hope is devoid.

We stare at the empty throne. The seat of someone who ruled here before. To revere the one from our past, the mantle of The Dominus must be recast.

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