Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guardian Beast

So feral my nature, yes it's true. Yet I will bow before you. I am the the beast that prowls the lands. My fury is legend and my presence is grand. My presence is synonymous with death and dominance. Woe to those who provokes my rage, for flesh and blood is the wage

And yet, I stand with you, ready to subdue. Anyone who wants to bring harm to you.

You walk my lands without fear, no fool would trespass on the Guardian Beast's Frontier! All beasts shall revere the one who appeared. Who one who gained my claws and my fangs. The one who sang of my victories. The one who challenged my decree.

The one who now stands with me, who the Guardian Beast fondly, regards as family

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dawn of War

In heavy slumber, a beautiful dream comes over me. A dream of peace and love across the globe, prosperity like never before. My consciousness is restored by the Dawn of War. The roar of battle shatters dreams, the air erupts with screams.

I am reluctant to take up the sword, to dive into the nightmare of war. To see the bleeding and dying litter the ground, to see the newly made orphans search for mom. To see men turn into monsters.

To see the dawn of war rips lives asunder. The idea of war is man's greatest blunder.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seeker of Peace

I long for a world of peace, a place free of suffering, a realm unique, that lacks tragedy. I seek a land full of joy and felicity

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dragonslayer is not Impressed

Your fangs, your claws. It matters not. You strength and fury doesn't impress. Your kidnapping of maidens are a bore. Your breath is merely a bother. For you overgrown lizard, I came to slaughter

I shall lay you to eternal rest.

For the Dragonslayer is not Impressed

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ghost and The Darkness

I feel the shadows and mourning, the past is stalking me. The suffering and the pain is driving me insane. The tradegies of yesteryear are shackling me in fear.

I feel the darkness of the past leaving me aghast. the ghost of history stalking me. The ghost and the darkness, pain and misery. I remember my past bitterly. 

I tire of being trapped in this mire of loss and desire. I want nothing more than to be free from this misery. The ghost and the darkness, this spectre haunting me is monstrous.

I must be free from this misery.