Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sage's Road

I'm on a journey to seek the true self. The wise one with knowledge to sprare. I see the sage in my heart. The wise one within myself. I walk along the road of life, nursing scraps and bumps along the way. The despairs of life weigh heavy on my soul and the countless mistakes birth many regrets. I walk weary on the road called life and little by little I began to see more.

This long walk called life was once the Sage's road. The path I follow is the same as she, who is rich with the knowledge of life. My pain and suffering was once her's, and her solutions are similar to mine. The tests of life begin to change me, becoming more like the sage I seek. I become more skilled at seeking the sage, seeing the path that she as followed.

My footsteps more like hers, my eyes gain her focus. I walk the sage's road and little do I know. By walking the sage's road I became her. 

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