Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Many things I've seen in this short life, many unbeleivable. I saw the end of lives, and the birth of true evils. I forsaw the rise of empires and the end of fallen kingdoms. I saw the end of the world many times, and bared witness to it's rebirth just as much. I will bare witness to the changing tides and humanities ebbs and flows. I will witness humanity's countless crimes and the numerous acts of love shown

I will bare witness to human life and the events within it. I will see many sunrises and bare witnesses to many nightfalls. I will see many heroes born and bare witness to many devil's creation. These eyes will see it all and these lips will tell of it totally. These hands will build the future and dig for the past. These feet will walk me though the haze of the future and the mists of the past.

I will bare witness to the many events of the past. I will be living history, a flesh and blood chronicle. I'm the storyteller, a embodiment of history, key to the door of mystery.


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