Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dark Avenger

The hammer of the gods punishment has surely fallen on our society of overindulgence. Destructiion rains from the sky like hail.  Our golden towers lay in ruins. This utopia built on the corpses of the less fortunate has finally fallen. We are free.

On the broken corpse of the collective upper class stands a shadowy figure stand over the carnage. I can barely see it through the smoke and fire. I move closer to get a better look and I trip and fall. As I stand the shadowly being stands over me like the shadow of death. It feels like he is staring into my soul, His eyes dark as the blackest night. His hair is long and wild, black as the darkest night. His muscular frame shrouded in a cloak of pure black despair. His face bears the scars of a life of suffering. I can barely breath, the fear is overwhelming. 

The shadowly man suddenly speaks to me "Not guilty" I ask him what does he mean and why he did this. The shadow replies "This false paradise was built by the wicked nobility on the bodies of the weak. I will remove this eyesore from existence" He tosses his cloak from his shoulders and it bathes every monument of the old age in black fire, burning all traces of the empire to ashes.

I gaze into his eye one last time and he spoke before I could get my words out, as if he knew what I was going to ask, "No I will not kill you. I destroyed this farce so your people can start anew. Do not become enslaved by the allure of coin and power or I will come again"

Just like that, our Dark Avenger faded into the shadows and the black flame faded with him. 

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