Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indigo Sanctum

The place with my heart and soul. This is a place of learning

This is a place that has a role

To quench one's yearning.

For knowledge of the human heart and of wisdom in all things

This place will help us depart

From all that hatred and ignorance brings.

I built this place with these very hands. I want to build something everlasting.

 I await for the advent of love and knowledge to expand 

To a great power forever casting

The love of knowledge across the land and for the sanctum to forever stand

I want the world to understand

That I want to create something grand

I will build my sanctum for the land. I want knowledge given to all

I will shake the world with this hand

Ignorance and hatred will surely fall

I build with this hand, A sanctum for all. My Indigo Sanctum will forever stand

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