Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Star Savior

 The world was set ablaze by a great evil. The end of days seemed to be upon us. All of us pleaded to the gods for salvation. But it seemed that our prayers fell on deaf ears. I accepted my fate, closed my eyes and waited for it all to end

But a brilliant light shot through the darkness and a glimmer of hope appeared within my heart. The view was majestic. I saw pure radiance in human form. The shadow and flame retreated, as if it were cowering in fear. The image of this radiance begun to take shape and I could finally see it's true form.

This being was but a child to my eyes. His eyes sparked like the night sky covered by a visor. His hair was full of life and radiant as the morning sun. The cloak covering his form sparkled like crushed diamonds. He then locked eyes with me, his gaze filled with warmth and my aches suddenly vanished. 

In a sudden movement, he tossed his cloak from his body and it exploded into a million sparkling lights, blanketing the world in the essence of life. The flames and shadows were gone and the departed returned to us.

I spoke to this Star Savior and told him "thank you" 

 And he burst into radiance and said "Never forget the power of love and compassion, or this will surely happen again" And darted off into the cosmos.

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