Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Frozen Heart of Hatred

My hatred for you burned like the heart of the sun
I wanted nothing more than for your life to become undone
The pain you caused me caused my soul to ignite
I wanted nothing more in life than to destroy you outright
My flaming heart slowy died and turned into ice

My feelings towards you are as calm and hostile as the frozen north
My icy disdain and cold heart keeps me going forth
Your callous attacks on me has frozen my heart completely through
Though I don't quest for it,  I'd love to murder you.
My Frozen Heart of Hatred protects me from you

 My heart was a warm place, full of love
 But you have destroyed that, what have you done!?
 Now my heart is a wasteland, blocked off from all
 I will not quest for it, but I want nothing more than your fall
 My Frozen Heart of Hatred protects me from you

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